Specialists from VITA Hospital for Active Treatment recommend:


1. Screening first trimester /11-14 gestation week/ - mandatory testing, which will exclude up to 90% the possibility your child has Down syndrome or another chromosomal disorder. Includes early fetal morphology and biochemical skrinning, ie your baby will be thoroughly examined by ultrasound to exclude gross defects and the presence of ultrasound markers for chromosomal abnormalities. You will then have blood drawn for testing of the two indicators related to pregnancy - and ßChHG RARRA.


2. Screening second trimester /15-19 gestation week/ - if you miss the first screening, you should do this, but you should consider that it has much lower sensitivity - less than 60%. Includes ultrasound and biochemical parameters /α fetoprotein and ßChHG /. In this period of pregnancy may developmental defects of the neural tube and anterior abdominal wall of the fetus may be rejected.


3. Fetal morphology /19-23 gestation week/ - mandatory testing. During this time your baby is big enough for most of its organs and systems to be seen with ultrasound. Measured biometric parameters of the fetus. Examine carefully the skull, brain, limbs, internal organs, amniotic fluid and placenta. If necessary, perform Doppler investigation of vessels. In this period it is appropriate to see how the real baby looks like. The equippment in "Vita" Hospital allows a CD to be made with videos of how it moves, waves hands, yawns or just sleeps.


4. Fetal morphology /28-32 gestation week/ - this is the last specialized ultrasound examination if your baby is healthy and developing normally. Here again are measured biometric parameters of the fetus and an extensive review is performed of organ systems to exclude abnormalities that develop in later stages of fetal development. A Doppler examination of the vessels is performed to assess the proper blood supply to the placenta and fetus. Three-dimensional image of the baby during this period is close to how it really looks when it is born.


"Vita" Hospital for Active Treatment offers its patients besides carrying out specialized examinations with 3/4D ultrasound also consultations on the results with specialists in prenatal diagnosis.

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