The campaign is aimed at couples with reproductive problems, and in the end one of the couples will win free IVF



"Vita In Vitro Center" launched a "Sunshine in your home too" campaign for couples with reproductive problems. The campaign is supported by the "Conception" Association - the first NGO for patients with reproductive problems in Bulgaria.


„Слънчице и в твоя дом” ще се състои в ежеседмично провеждане на безплатни прегледи и консултации за всички двойки с репродуктивни проблеми. Кампанията ще се осъществи в два модула: "Sunshine in your home too" will be held weekly by conducting free examinations and consultations for all couples with reproductive problems. The campaign will be implemented in two modules:


  • Module 1: June 15July 15
  • Module 2: September 1 – 30


Consultations will be held 2 times a week between 14:00 and 16:00 pm in "Vita In Vitro Center."


The schedule of visits will be updated on the "Vita In Vitro Center" website, and all couples who want can register for examinations and consultations by phone: 02/960 49 50 or 02/960 49 90.


The campaign aims to encourage the birth rate among young families in the country and to help all couples who want to have children.


All visitors of free examinations and consultations are able to participate in a raffle to win free IVF from "Vita In Vitro Center." Immediately after the campaign, a special commission will draw the winning pair.


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