About us

About us

 "Vita In Vitro Center" was established as the first In Vitro Center, part of the structure of Multidisciplinary Hospital. The idea about it was a logic consequence of the complete philosophy for construction of hospital complex, where to be rendered qualitative and complete conservative (non-operative) and operative treatment in one place.

"Vita In Vitro Center " offers the possibility to carry out all the necessary tests on one place, and the specialists at “Vita” Hospital are at disposal for consultation in the area of obstetrics and gynecology, perinatal diagnosis as well as in psychology, urology, neonatology, pediatrics.

In their long-years practice the founders and the physicians at “Vita” Hospital have been always led by the principle that every person is unique and deserves and requires individual approach. “Vita In Vitro Center“ has especially elaborated programs for its patients, which optimize the results, depending оn each case.

Confidentiality for all, who work for the idea of “Vita”, is a part of the self respect – therefore we guarantee it completely to the patients!

In order to continue the tradition, in the technical provision of “Vita In Vitro Center“ we stake again on the innovative achievements in this sphere. Our Center is equipped with the latest generation of highly specialized facilities, so that our patients can enjoy the latest assisted reproductive technologies.

"Vita In Vitro Center" is the smallest baby in “Vita” family after the Diagnostic & Consultation Center Vita, Vita hospital,  Vita Hernia Center and Vita Aesthetic Center – therefore it can rely completely on adequate medical reaction in each situation, 24 hours per day.

To have sunrise in your home, "Vita In Vitro Center" is already a fact!


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