Dr. Maya Vasileva about IN VTRO as a solution to resolve reproductive problems of couples in Bulgaria

To reply the multiple questions in this trend, we asked Dr. Maya Vasileva from Vita In Vitro Center

Difficulties in conception. Male infertility

The instinct of reproduction and parental instincts are embedded in human nature. Having children is unconditionally accepted as the most important function and a source of happiness in the family. When pregnancy and childbirth go smoothly, no one thinks how many factors contributie to this process, but there are many couples who have trouble conceiving. In more than 40% the reason for this is the man.


Assisted reproductive techniques (АRТ procedures)

What does IN VITRO fertilization mean?

Fertilization In Vitro (in Latin: in vitro = in glass), often called "in test-tube", is fusion of a spermatozoon and ovum outside the female organism. From this originates the popular name “Baby in a test-tube”

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