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"Vita In Vitro Center" donates an IVF and two auto inseminations as part of a national charity campaign ‘Love Is Action’

The national campaign "Love is action" carried out jointly by Invitro Bulgaria and several IVF centers in the country. The campaign aims to make a happy a few couples by donating IVF procedures and/or inseminations. As a partner in the campaign "Vita In Vitro Center" will donate 1 IVF and 2 auto inseminations.


Each candidate pair can fill the application form downloaded from the forum of "Vita In Vitro Center" on invitro.com, and attach it to mcvita@invitrobg.com. In the forum you can also ask a question or share your opinion about the campaign.


See the criteria for application in the "Vita In Vitro Center" HERE.


The deadline for submissions is July 31. After a two-week period required for processing the papers will be chosen the date of the raffle drawing.


Winners will be selected on a lottery basis. There will be selected also three reserves in case that chosen candidates do not meet the criteria or if they decline to participate.

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